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The various essays included on this CDrom are by no means comprehensive. They have been chosen to reinforce the specific focus of the other materials on this disc and are all concerned with issues related to music and sound art. Over the past two decades I have contributed other articles to various publications that are more general than those herein represented. These include philosophical and technical writings beyond the scope of this retrospective.

Two recent essays provide an indepth rationale for much of my sound work and place it in a broader philosophical context:

Nature, Sound Art and the Sacred (1997)

Santa Fe Institute Public Lecture (2001)

Other essays focus on various aspects of my work and related concerns:

An Expository Journal of Extractions from Wilderness (1981)

Speculations: On the Evolutionary Continuity of Music and Animal Communication Behavior (1983)

Music, Language, and Environment (1984)

Mappings and Entrainments (1984)

Three other large essays or dialogues concern themselves with historical and ethical arguments related to 20th century music and art:

Publishing As Eco-system (1983)

Wilderness As Reentrant Form: Thoughts on the Future of Electronic Art and Nature (1988)

A History of Electronic Music Pioneers (1992)

Two interviews provide a more informal look into many of these issues:

Environment, Consciousness, and Magic (1988)

Music, Language and Environment (1999)